The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) fired its Uttar Pradesh legislative party leader Lalji Verma and another MLA on Thursday for anti-party activities during the recently concluded panchayat polls.

A party statement issued read: “Two MLAs, Lalji Verma and Ram Achal Rajbhar, have been fired from the party for anti-party activities during the panchayat elections.

“Verma has been removed from the post of leader of the legislative party and Shah Alam, alias Guddu Jamali, will replace him in the state assembly as leader of the party,” he said.

While Lalji Verma is a BSP MLA from Katehari headquarters, Mr. Rajbhar is an MLA from Akbarpur headquarters, both in Ambedkar Nagar district of the state.

The leader of the newly appointed legislative party Shah Alam is the Mubarakpur headquarters MLA party in Azamgarh district.

The party also said that these two fired leaders will not be invited to any match programs in the future and will not receive match tickets either.