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Blue Reflection Ray
Blue Reflection Ray

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Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8 Release Date

Blue Reflection Ray Episode release in every week. According to the latest Episode information, in this week Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8 is releasing on Saturday, May 29, 2021 at 1:55 am JST. Let’s go to the details of the Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8.

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Is there a break for Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8?

There is no break for Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8

Previously on Anime Blue Reflection Ray Episode 7 review

Momo and the girls talked about the festival and he told them to continue. She says she saw Grams flying and had to go home and relax. After a phone call, Ruka and Hiori completed preparations for the Tension Festival. They go to the head and meet Sensei. Ruka asks Hirori if she knows about Miss Mio Hirora and Hirori reveals what happened in the past. He reveals the day he last met Mio. That day, Mio and Hiori went out in the rain and wished to meet the two sisters in the future.

Mio comments that day that this rain is like tears of joy between two sisters. Hiori wrote a wish that she wanted her mom to come home. Currently, Hiori asks Ruka what she wants, and Ruka replies that it is a mystery. The two received a message from Miyako asking them to come. When they first met, they talked about Momo, realizing that they were hiding something from him. They decided they would face it after the Tanabata Festival.

Miyako reveals the truth about Kana Siguri, who spells on age. He also shows them his personal message that someone is meeting tonight during the Kana festival. Later in the evening when parents and students have fun spreading fireworks. The girls begin their investigation. But they don’t know what Uta looks like, and they have to stop him before something bad can happen. Sensei arrives and sends Ruka to run errands somewhere, but Ruka realizes he has to go there and has to go back quickly.

Blue Reflection Ray

Rooka came to the store and heard Momo talking to someone via cell phone. He overhears them talking about Mio Hirara, and Momo shows up after the phone call. Ruka questions Momo, revealing that she was Mio’s partner. Ruka tells him he wants to meet Mio. Momo states that he fought with Mio, and can’t face Mio because Mio is Uta and Nina Yamada’s partner. Momo reveals the truth about his friendship with Momo and how they admire each other and laugh along with how they defeat their enemies.

Momo concludes that Mio Diamond is his ally. Ruka asks if Mio has betrayed Momo and they have become enemies. Momo says he lost some of his memories with Mio when they were still partners. But some of his memories have been stirred and he felt he was real. Momo thinks about his last fight with Mio and realizes that they resonate and they lose their memories. The festival continues with many fireworks. Hiori doesn’t tell the other girls he’s seen.

But time and everything stopped, and another reflector came. Nina also came and told the heroine that they were doing this one by one. Nina and Hiori start fighting, and Nina comments that if Hirori had died, her sister would have been alive. Ruka and Momo arrive, and Hiori tells them not to interfere and this is between her and Nina. Hiori was defeated and Nina wanted to cut him off, but mysterious forces stopped him. They both telephoned their world and the festival is on. let’s se next Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8 Official Preview/Trailer

Where you Watch Episode Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8?

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8 will publish on Crunchyroll, Animelab, and Funimation. We suggest that viewers can go to these official website and Watch the new Episode’s or don’t use any fake website. Please support the founders who are working very hard for making and publishers for publishing these Episodes. Let’s see what is happening in Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8.

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