UTI Aadhar Seva Kendra, How to open a new UTI Aadhaar Center in 2021

UTI Aadhar Seva Kendra

UTI Aadhar seva kendra will be starting all over India, so if you also want to start Aadhar Seva Kendra, this may be a golden opportunity for you. UTI kendra will be starting new services to open Aadhar Seva Kendra.

As you know, UTI used to make Aadhaar cards before and many Aadhaar centers were also open before this, but due to some reasons, UIDAI changed the new guideline some time ago, then many companies had stopped the base work.

But according to the new information, UTI will soon establish some of its new Aadhaar centers in Mumbai, where you can get services related to the Aadhar card.

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Name Seva KaAadhar seva kendra
SupplierUTI Aadhar seva kendra
Official websiteCLICK HERE
Type of serviceOnline
BeneficiaryAll the citizens

When will the new ICU Aadhar Seva Kendra be started?

UTI has announced the opening of the new Aadhar Seva Kendra soon and their new Aadhar Seva Kendra has been continuously opened in Mumbai. He will establish his new Aadhar Seva Kendra throughout the country.

So if you also want to open a new Aadhar Seva Kendra UTI, then you need to contact UTI for this from now on, only then will you be able to open a new Aadhar Seva Kendra via UTI, as soon as your work starts completely, then Aadhar Seva Kendra from UAD India will be installed everywhere.

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New Uti Aadhar services available and rates

Aadhaar registration (adult / child)Free
Mandatory Biometric Update (MBU) / MBU along with a demographic updateFree
Full biometric with or without demographic updateRupees 100.00
Demographic update onlyRs 50.00
E-Aadhaar download and color printing on an A4 sheetRs 30.00

Who will get UTI Aadhaar Seva Kendra?

UTI New Aadhar Center opening permission will be given to those who are already doing the work relating to make the Aadhar card or have all the machine tools which are needed for Aadhar Seva Kendra open and have all the laptops, fingerprint machines etc., are available then you will get it easily UTI New Aadhar Center.

As we tell you, UTI Center is now opening permanent Aadhar Seva Kendra and this recognition will be awarded only to those who are already working properly if their Aadhaar center was blacklisted before then you will not be able to get Aadhaar card work because UIDAI put your Aadhaar machine on the blacklist means you will never be able to get the Aadhaar card job in the future.

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How much will it cost to open a UTI New Aadhar Center?

You don’t have to spend money to open UTI Aadhar seva kendra if you have all the equipment related to making the Aadhaar card, because you have the necessary equipment to make the Aadhar card work and you must have a store if your own store is available. And you have all the machines available to make Aadhaar cards, then you will not have any expense.

But if you are going to get new machines to make the Aadhaar card work then you may have to spend some money on this because you have to buy all the machines to make the Aadhaar card work and along with that you will have a store of your own . For installation You may have to pay and at the same time you will have to mark some UTI Aadhar seva kendra here, which you may have to spend money.

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UTI Aadhaar Seva Kendra Service List

These services will be given in UTI New Aadhar Center.

  • Get a new Aadhaar card made
  • Get the rectified adhar card
  • Aadhar card mobile number update
  • Aadhaar card mail id update
  • Changes in the date of birth of the Aadhar card
  • Address change on Aadhar card
  • Aadhar card biometric update
  • Name correction
  • Improve father’s name
  • Gender change
  • All kinds of enhancements related to the Aadhar card
  • Download the Aadhar card
  • A4 size Aadhar card printing
  • Aadhar color card download
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Find the nearest ICU Aadhar Seva Kendra

If you want to find new UTI New Aadhar Center near you, then follow the procedure for that.

  • First of all, go to the official UTI website.
  • Now select the Aadhaar service.
  • After that, select the option to search near Aadhar Seva Kendra.
  • Now choose the option to open the nearest Aadhaar card center via PIN or district code.
  • After this, you will see the new Aadhar Seva Kendra here.
  • Now you can find new Aadhar seva kendra ICUs from here.

How to open UTI Aadhar Seva Kendra

If you also want to open UTI New Aadhar Center, then for this you must first go to the official UTI website. After successfully opening the website, you need to select the contact option here. After this, you will see all UTI contact numbers here. After that, you will need to contact UTI and get information on how you can open a new Aadhar Seva Kendra.

How to apply for uti aadhar seva kendra online

As you know, most people want to apply online UTI New Aadhar Center But let us tell you that no process has been started to open Aadhar Seva Kendra online. As soon as a new process is started to open UTI New Aadhar Center online, we will immediately give you information about it here.

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